The has cut the excise duty on imported scotch by 50%.

The government has brought down the excise duty on imported scotch whiskey to 150 percent, which is a huge victory for all you whisky lovers out there!

India has finally brought their prices for imported scotch whiskey on par with the rest of India! The Maharashtra government reduced customs duty by 50% to compete with other states, which is great news.

This new rate will be 150% over what you would pay at your local store or restaurant – it’s an excellent opportunity if any spirits fan out there needs some good Aussie Rules right now (or anytime soon).

The notification in this regard was issued on Thursday, she said. The Maharashtra government has been earning a handsome revenue of about Rs 100 crore from the sale of imported scotch annually and it’s expected that with a reduction by 50% it will increase up to 250 crores as there is demand just like how much more can be sold at 2.5 lakh bottles instead which would curb smuggling problems across state borders due to low duty rates as well!

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