Paimon is a powerful angel, but she’s not all dark. This blogger has learned to get along with the demon by asking questions and inviting her over for tea!

It’s that time once again Genshin Impact fans, the Thousand Questions With Paimon event is back for the month of November. This three-day quiz will offer an easy 150,000 mora prize to those who can answer 10 related questions correctly within 24 hours! For those newbies out there wondering what they get if their answers are correct – 5 thousand per question answered perfectly (up until 3). So make sure not to miss this great opportunity and take part now while you still have some chance at winning big money!

These questions reset every day, so be sure to hop online now to complete the questions for November 19 before they change! It doesn’t take long at all to do this event, so it’s absolutely worth ticking off your daily to-do list. The only requirement to take part is that you’re at least adventure rank 10, so even players on the greener side should be able to earn a quick buck.

What if you don’t know anything about Genshin Impact? That could spell bad news, as the questions asked are random and taken from a pool of roughly 300 possible headscratchers. Thankfully HoYoLab user SoraHoshina created this google doc with every question that can come up so far! You can enter freely in order to find answers by searching on each keyword when they pop up in-game (or just hover over them).

If you want the challenge of taking up a quiz, go for it with the knowledge that even if your answer is wrong and mistakes are made on this earth. But don’t worry! The team here won’t judge if cheating was used as an extra effort in order to get rewards like new items or rare cards; let us know how well (or not)you did by submitting below what kind(s)of mistake/cheat were utilized during gameplay

If You’re Up For A Challenge – Even If Mistakes Are Made… Let Us Know What Kind Of Error Was Committed Here.

Genshin Impacts has been getting a lot of changes lately! In addition, they’re introducing the Wish System which will be available soon and could bring back some old characters for you.

Gewd news indeed – it seems like Gintendo’s impacts have another update coming in their latest version 2.3 release with additional features including wish system access on current or older character rosters if desired by players

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