Heavy Rains: Rivers rage in Nellore district

Nellore district has been receiving uninterrupted rains due to low pressure in the Bay of Bengal. The whole district was inundated. The Penn River is flooding the catchment area, filling the floodplain like never before. People who are already in serious trouble are deeply concerned as the authorities are making it clear that the same situation will continue for another two to three days. Meanwhile, traffic to Nellore district was disrupted due to floods at Tirupati Kapilathirtham Vishwaroopam.

Overflowing ditches, bends

Due to heavy rains, ditches and bends are overflowing across the district. In the Chaser Zone, black and white are flowing. Traffic to Atmakuru-ASpeta was disrupted due to overflowing whitewash on the ASPeta-Atmakuru main road. In the Kondapuram zone, the CIs and SCs stopped traveling towards the locust swamp due to the rising tide. Similarly, traffic was halted due to high flow of water from Kaluwai Pillavanka. Unable to predict the ebb and flow of the Pambaleru Wagu at Gudur, two Ayyappa devotees were swept away. A student nearby, the others were rescued with great difficulty. Traffic was disrupted as the Venkatagiri Kaivalya River was flowing beyond the danger level. Godre is overflowing with water art like never before. At Naidupet, police stopped traffic on the Swarnamukhi river causeway as part of security measures. As a result, people are facing severe problems as vehicles are stopped in Kalavakuru, Pullur, Nelaballi, Mummareddygunta and Anakavolu villages.

Submerged crop fields, fibers

Kanupur pond in Venkatachalam zone has been completely filled due to rains and the gates of the pond have been lifted and water is being released downstream. This caused the fibers to sink. Farmers are deeply concerned over the decay of fibers. Similarly crop fields in Pellakoor zone were severely damaged by submersion. Premature loss to fish farmers in hilly areas. Local authorities have restored traffic that was halted due to broken trees in the Muthukur zone. In Marripada Mandal, Thimmaipalem, Nandavaram, people were horrified when old houses collapsed due to incessant rains.

Inflow of a record 1.25 cusecs for limestone

The district’s main reservoir, Somashila, is experiencing record flood levels due to heavy rains in the upper reaches. A record inflow of 1.25 lakh cusecs was recorded on Thursday, causing the reservoir to overflow. Authorities lifted ten crust gates, dumping more than 80,000 cusecs of water into the sea. Atmakuru Ardeo Chaitravarshini inspected the reservoir and made appropriate instructions to the authorities. The people of the district have lost the opportunity to store water for a few more TMCs if the construction of Sangam and Penna barrages is completed.

The rising sea,the surging waves

Nellore district has a coastline of 167 km and 12 zones. The low pressure area in the Bay of Bengal caused waves to rise above normal levels and the sea to move forward in many places. Concerns have been raised in coastal villages in the wake of the authorities making it clear that fishermen should not go hunting. Tehsildars, MPDVs and other officials overseeing relief efforts in the area were engaged in making necessary arrangements for the fishermen. Hurricane warnings issued for Krishnapatnam port Minister Anil Kumar Yadav and District Collector KVN Chakradharbabu are reviewing the situation with the authorities from time to time and coordinating cyclone relief efforts. Many colleges and schools in the district have voluntarily declared a holiday due to heavy rains.

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