Groww Mutual Fund App Review

Is Groww Mutual Fund profitable? Read this review to know first

According to the co-founder of Groww, which is one of the mutual fund applications or one of the brokerage services that help in investing in stocks, investing should be conducted in a similar way as we do shop through online mode. 

This application is one of the fastest developing platforms for investing and is considered appropriate even from the perspective of a normal person who even does not carry an experienced profile for investment and stock market. 

This guide will help you to review all the features associated with Groww App and you will be e benefited from the main verticals for investment such as mutual funds to make smart decisions financially. In this digital please we are going to cover the details about Groww and the way it would help you out value investing.

1. What is Groww mutual fund application?

Groww is one of the popular brokers offering a service that is Bangalore based that helps investors to make an investment in mutual funds and equity. It is considered as the flat fee discount service that comes under brokerage service and mostly it is regarded as the brand name associated with the next billion Technology Private Limited. Next billion Technology Private Limited is one of the members of NSE and BSE and in addition, it is one of the stockbrokers that is registeredwith SEBI.

The brokerage service is established in the year 2016 and it started it service in the form of a platform of direct mutual fund investment. If you consider the ear near about 2020, the growth was exponential and offered several numbers of products that included equity trading as well. The company type is a Private Limited and is considered as a discount broker under the brokerage type. The headquarters are in Bangalore, India. The Founder is Lalit Keshre.

It is one of the reliable applications which is an advisor registered with SEBI. It is registered in the name of Finvantage Investment Adviser Private Limited and it is based in Bangalore. INA20008981 is the registration number.

2. How does the application work?

Many people would be worried about the way how to invest in the stock markets and mutual funds without any prior experience.You can extract the maximum amount of profit even with minimum investment.

The application works with the help of the platforms is mobile or web. The person who is investing can receive the transaction conveniently by opting the mode between the application or the website. This application is considered as one of the initiatives for mutual fund investment platforms but now it is renowned for the successful investments made under mutual funds. 

If you are using the mobile app as one of the trading platforms then you can conduct trading from anywhere across the globe. You don’t have to pay any amount of fee for using a mobile application while investing in equity or stock exchange. It is one of the safe applications where all the features such as candle stick showcase the movement of the pricing and educated the idea of the buying and selling with just a single click. 

If you are using the website version it is one of the best platforms to be used online and is the simplest way to provide east to the customers to enrich their experience for online trading. You can receive the expression of mutual funds and stocks and finally place the order was very contract the transactions and make Investments as per your affordability and experience. You can definitely take the advantage of the sources such as E-books and blogs which can guide you about the generalized data of stocks market.

3.What are the products offered by the Growwapp?

You should also know about the various products being offered by this application. Equity trading, commodity trading, currency trading, other options and futures, mutual funds, etc. are some of the benevolent features comprised under the great service. There are some products that are not covered under this application. They are- banking, insurance, SIP, and Forex.

4. Charges involved in Groww app

There is a rigid Framework for pricing and commission structure under this application. The investment is provided into direct Mutual Funds which is a Commission-free platform. Even it has no subsidiary fees to be levied or kind of a Commission for the customers who are working on the platform. The transaction charges are 0.00325% of Total Turnover. 

The charges associated with SEBI Turnover Charges are upto-0.00005% of Total Turnover. The good services tax is approximately up to 18 % that includes brokerage and transaction charges. Stamp duties are also levied but they are dependent on the particular state but the duties levied are very minimal.

So, let us explore the charges for the stock’s management for the Groww app stocks exchange. 

1. The depository source should be CDSL

2. There is no fee for opening the account

3.  You have to pay around 300 rupees per year for the Demat AMC charges

4. You don’t have to pay the margin money

5. Even there is no extra charges for conversion of offline to online mode 

If we discuss the charges equity delivery trading charges for they are zero in number don’t have to pay even for the minimum brokerage. Equity futures trading charges are only rupees 20 per order and the same goes with the currency futures trading and currency options trading. 

For opening a Demat account you need to pay rupees 300 per year and the other trading charges are zero. There no other charges for buying stocks for any quantity and if you have to sell the stocks you need to pay around 0.01 percent of the total order. There are some extra charges for delivery of Demat.

5.Pros and cons of the application 

Firstly, will discuss the advantages associated with the reviews of Groww app-

1. It offers commission-free investment for all types of clients. 

2. You can always expect approximately 1 % of profitable Returns 

3. It is also considered as very simple to work with and convenient for all purposes 

There are some disadvantages associated with the same application – 

1. It is unable to do an analysis associated with the technical aspects and cannot conduct in-depth interpretation within the application 

2. Even it fails to support the various platforms which are not easily approachable even with the help of Groww application.

6. Things you can do with Groww 

This platform is considered one of the reliable bases and safe for stock market investment.It is one of the platforms that can guide you about the mutual funds and the interesting schemes since it has become Synonymous for various investment purposes for a particular individual. Many people have started investing in mutual funds with the help of this application where the reviews are in favour of the growth and development of the stock exchange market. 

People are eager to make stock purchase with the help of application that goes same as that of mutual funds. It has several stock trading features that allows the user to have seamless experience of investing since it is introduced with the stop loss feature that helps in gaining remarkable experience while investing. Investors have started writing this application. You don’t have to pay any amount of fee for the investment in mutual funds since they are in a habit to make money with all sorts of transactions that investors do while investing in stocks.

7.Can people invest in Groww?

Even you don’t have to worry about the question- is Groww app Chinese? Many investors have started trusting this application for investing in mutual funds or stocks since it is not the foreign app which cannot be relied upon. The application works in favour of customer awareness since it educates and forms the people through the scheduled articles, e-books and magazines. The benevolent features help in switching the external regular Mutual Fund towards the direct mutual fund mode.

8. Comparing Groww with other apps 

If you compare this application with Kuvera, people found Groww app more useful while investing in mutual funds since it allows the seamless experience on the user interface of the application which is more intuitive. Although both the platforms are free to use, the idea of exploration and the mechanism of investments, and execution is best worked on the platform of Groww app. 

Even if you compare the application with Paytm money, there are several features that help us to guide our investment with the help of innovative charts and Associates the information with more details that helps in laying a knowledgeable base. The clients also prefer this application over Paytm money. The reason is that while going through the profiles of the clients, the risks associated with it and the preparation of financial plan with mutual fund is not so easy on Paytm money.


Hope you have received the fair enough information about the application and the features that it offers. If you want to seek the support for extra information or in case you need a guide for investing in mutual funds or stock exchange, you are welcome to contact our customer support service for the same. We will help you out in growing your funding plans ahead efficiently.

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