Business analyst jobs in Chennai for fresher

Business Analysts need in today’s world

A business Analyst is an entity who analyzes a department or functional unit’s operation to develop a solution to the problem for general systems. In general, even on the weekends, they don’t breathe fire or repair flat tires. You can look for various Business Analysts jobs for Fresher.

When you start a new project, you have to study every corner of the Internet until every inch of the house has been turned upside down. The first phase in forming a final solution to the dilemma of your organization is analysis. It’s the compilation of the requisite knowledge and statistical evidence to form a solution. Getting a Business Analysts Walking in Chennai is very easy and you can get a good pay job.

Business analyst jobs in Chennai for fresher

  1. Business Analysts for MBA fresher

Energy Alternatives India

EAI is looking for MBAs who have just graduated to join our market research team as interns or in full-time roles, or those with just a few years of experience. You will be involved as a Business analyst in intense consumer and business analysis activities including market feasibility evaluation of new products/solutions, market penetration strategies, and, in selected cases, product growth strategies for innovative products.You can very easily get Entry-level Business analyst jobs in Chennai.

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Rainhopes is looking for a business analyst that can handle the following responsibilities:

  • Working with frameworks such as CodeIgnitor, Yii, Symphony, JQuery, Ext JS Experience
  • Can view and convert client business requirements into the application and organizational requirements.
  • Is sharp on analytical and business issue solving
  • Excellent at customer experiences and solving market issues, you are excellent.You can also apply for Banking Business Analysts Jobs in Cognizant.
  • Concerning marketing info, the eyeballs search for business trends, patterns, outliers.
  • A plus is your exposure to relational databases and SQL.
  • Data Analyst

Exeter Premedia Services Pvt Ltd

To join Exeter Premedia Services’ talented team, they are looking for smart and creative data analysts. The person should be able to make suggestions about the processes and ways in which the organization obtains and analyzes data to improve data system quality and performance. Working with top-notch developers, copy editors, and product managers, you will be part of a team that is revolutionizing the publishing industry. You can know Business Analysts Jobs salary in Chennai.

What you’re going to do for this job role:

  • Collecting and analyzing data from different teams.
  • Analysis of the data results.
  • Report the performance, along with feedback for improvisation, back to the appropriate team members.
  • Identify patterns in data sets and trends.
  • Act alongside teams within the organization or the tea management
  • Business Analyst Intern

Exeter Premedia Services Pvt Ltd

Intern for Market Analyst

They are looking for a trained Business Analyst Intern who will be responsible for several departments implementing and supporting business information systems. The person should be able to recognize challenges and possibilities within a company and eventually provide solutions that help achieve the goals of the business. You can also search for opportunities for Business jobs in Chennai

You can look for various responsibilities that include for this role like:

  • Understanding product characteristics and listing test cases for them
  • Show a clear understanding of basic programming and engineering so that test cases can be validated.
  • Run test cases and correctly record findings on them
  • Analyze rivals and present your team with your results
  • Capable of preparing wireframes for product characteristics, tutorials and

Final Thoughts

Business Analysts work closely with financial reporting and IT teams to develop initiatives and strategies to boost imports and to reduce costs. BAs are responsible for developing new models that support business decisions. You would need a strong understanding of regulatory and reporting requirements as well as plenty of experience in forecasting, budgeting, and financial analysis.  You can also look for various Junior Business Analysts jobs in Chennai.


  1. What is a business analyst salary in India?

For entry-level IT with less than 1 year of experience, the average annual Business Analyst salary is about Rs 3, 59,807. The Business Analyst can also get an annual salary of Rs 5, 27,712 for those with 1-4 years of experience.

  • Is business analyst a good career in India?

For business analysts in India, there is a great career opportunity. Sound domain knowledge and understanding of analytical tools and database management skills will contribute to a promising career in Business Analysis.

  • How do I get a job as a business analyst?

For being a business analyst you should have below skills

  • Capabilities in company administration.
  • Skills for critical thinking.
  • Teaching awareness and the ability to design courses.
  • To be versatile and open to transformation.
  • The capacity for your proposal to be used.
  • Skills for customer support.
  • The capacity to communicate with others well.
  • Excellent abilities in verbal communication.
  • Is a business analyst a good job?

Yes, business analyst is a good job with great career scope and good earnings.

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