Business analyst jobs in Canada

Role of a business analyst

The position of business analyst requires hard skills as well as soft skills. Business analysts need to understand how data trends can be extracted, analyzed, and reported, and be able to share that information with others and apply it to the business side. You can look for various Business Analyst jobs in Canada Quora.

How to become a business analyst in Canada? It is very easy to become a Business Analyst. As long as you have a general understanding of how systems, products, and tools work, not all business analysts need a background in IT. Instead, some business analysts have a clear IT history and less business experience and are interested in moving away from IT to this hybrid role.

Business analyst jobs in Canada

  1. Business Analyst


Montréal, QC

What qualities are they looking for in this role?

  • Minimum experience of 2 years as a market analyst
  • Bachelor’s degree in information technology or an associated field (Business, Engineering, Accounting, etc.)
  • Master the Process MECE
  • Office Suite Proficiency (PowerPoint and Excel). You can also look for Entry level Business Analyst jobs in Canada.
  • Good interpersonal skills and professional maturity; ability to connect and establish relationships effectively with a diverse community of customers and colleagues
  • Good communication skills in verbal and written, French and English.
  • Attention to detail and systematic issue identification and potential for resolution
  • Highly motivated, self-sufficient, resilient, and a team player.
  • Canada/Immigration, Réfugiés et Citoyenneté Canada

Gatineau, QC

The requirement for this job profile includes Remote School, CEGEP, or other non-university diploma or certificate from a 1-year to a 2-year program. Knowledge for Teleporting and is available for Remote work.

  • Information Technology Business Analyst

Acadia University

Wolfville, NS

  • This role is ideally suited to an individual with both business management and technology backgrounds. A bachelor’s degree, along with a minimum of three years of relevant experience, is desired in one or both fields.
  • Method modeling expertise with proven problem solving, consultation, research, and teamwork skills with the ability to manage parallel projects and goals should be given to the successful applicant. Business Analyst salary
  • It needs outstanding organizational, time management, and communication skills with the ability to both execute strategy and take guidance.
  • A good candidate would be able to operate professionally and as a member of a team with open-minded proactivity.
  • Analyst Business Information


Chatham-Kent, ON

What You’re Going to Do

  • Improve the customer experience by delivering customer service functions that are timely, courteous, and competent.
  • Validate and implement in compliance with standard methodologies, rules and controls, customer data, and access requests. You can also look for Business Analyst jobs in Toronto.
  • Perform functional and data validation to ensure the credibility, consistency, and reliability of the customer-facing application.
  • Create, maintain, and provide instruction, both internal and external.
  • Act on behalf of clients as a technical liaison with internal clients; assist in the development of business service solutions and provide technical guidance.
  • Business Analyst

AXIS Insurance

Halifax, NS

This is your chance to join AXIS Capital, a trusted multinational insurance and reinsurance company with specialty lines. They stand out for excellent customer service, intelligent risk-taking, and our shareholders’ superior risk-adjusted returns. They still proudly uphold a corporate culture that is entrepreneurial, disciplined, and ethical. You can join a team that is among the best in the sector as a member of AXIS. There are also many Business Analyst jobs in Australia.

Final Thoughts

To detect user patterns, efficient functions, and possible user acceptance issues with the applications, business analysts use real-time user data and analytics systems. When data for companies becomes more important, so do business analysts.  You can also look for a Business Analyst job description and get the best job profile for you.


  1. Is business analyst a good career in Canada?

If you are a beginner and a Canadian resident looking at Business Analysis as a career choice, the good news is that there is a strong demand for business analysts in the Canadian market.

  • How much does a business analyst earn in Canada?

In Canada, the average Business Analyst compensation is $78,447 per annum or $40.23 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $38,232 annually, while most seasoned employees receive up to $133,361 annually.

  • How do I become a business analyst in Canada?
  • Get business management, finance, or accounting undergraduate degree.
  • Gain experience at work.
  • Receive or acquire an advanced credential for a Master’s degree.
  • Is business analyst a good career?

In helping businesses repair obsolete processes and implement new technologies, business analysts play a critical role. In every field of industry, from banking to IT to corporate management, they are in high demand.

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