Business analyst jobs in Ahmadabad

Who is a Business Analyst?

Business Analysts work to help people to enhance their processes and structures, market analysts work with companies. To come up with solutions to business issues, they perform research and analysis and help to bring these programs to corporations and their customers. Business analysts look at how a business works, conducting analysis and reviewing data to improve its expertise, and recommending strategies to strengthen its procedures and processes for the organization. You can look for a Business Analyst salary in Ahmedabad.

A business analyst’s work is very closely related to the IT industry, and a technical job position may be considered by business analysts in some organizations and sit within an IT department. You can be a part of the Business Analyst internship in Ahmedabad.

Business Analyst jobs in Ahmedabad

  1. Senior Project Manager/Business Analyst – Immediate Joiner

WebMatrix Inc.

Job responsibilities:

  • 3+ Years of experience in the right place
  • Ability to break down any issue into pieces that can be solved collaboratively
  • The ability to negotiate the complexity of the issue through market experience. You can also look for Business Analyst hovs in Gandhinagar.
  • Should have the ability to recognize novel strategies for mitigating addictions and threats to deliverables
  • Ability to schedule and conduct deliveries autonomously
  • Exceptional written and verbal skills for communication
  • Communicate desires clearly to team members and customers
  • Proactively guide, mentor & inspire project team members
  • Business Analyst

Satva Solutions

Responsibilities for business analyst include:

  • Gather knowledge and understand business expectations from the client and record it.
  • Prepare technical documents such as documents of understanding, FRD, BRD, SOW, SRS, diagrams of architecture, workflows, flow charts, etc.
  • Write a concise proposal document with characteristics, advantages and benefits proposed and maintain consistency with the development team. There are many Data Analyst in Ahmedabad.
  • Should work with BD/Sales and Tech Lead to provide customers with the ballpark and accurate forecasts.
  • Perform studies and perform the study of specifications.
  • Keep up to date with the new developments and activities in the services of businesses.
  • Business Analyst/Senior Business Analyst

Krish TechnoLabs Pvt. Ltd

Skills required for this job profile include

  • Good interpersonal skills, with the ability to operate in a highly collaborative, team-based environment, as well as independently.
  • Direct consumers face exposure to sales assistance and/or pre-sales functions in particular.
  • The previous track record of working with Magento Commerce (free-standing open source and commercial enterprise suite).
  • Proven ability to communicate with consumers, handle their demands and desires, and challenge them sufficiently to better understand the needs and requirements of the company.  You can also look for a Business Analyst job description.
  • Should have an understanding of UI/UX, web-content planning, usability, maintenance, and accessibility.
  • Associate Business Analyst

Oxygen Healthcare Research Pvt Ltd.

The responsibilities for this job role include

  • Owning and forming relationships, collaborating with them to refine and strengthen our integration
  • Act to introduce customer implementations and program changes with senior team members
  • To understand business issues and translate them into functional and non-functional criteria, consult project stakeholders
  • Establish criteria for configuration and requirements for market analysis
  • Defines criteria for monitoring and alerting
  • Participate in the phases of implementation design, configuration, and analysis
  • Reporting on common sources of technical problems or issues and making suggestions to the project team. You can enroll in Business Analyst courses in Ahmedabad.
  • Sr. Business Analyst

Bytes Technolab

Job requirements:

  • Should have 2 + Years of Online Bidding and BDE experience.
  • Excellent etiquette in email and proficient in spoken English in prose.
  • Skype calls must be exceptional in email marketing.
  • Phone prospecting experience, and cold calling for team leaders.
  • Using inbound lead follow-up, cold calling, and email to source fresh sales opportunities.
  • Accounts for analysis, recognizing key players, and creating interest.
  • Be accountable for customer experiences and meeting customer needs. You can also look for Business Analyst jobs in Pune.

Final Thoughts

Business analysts can either work for a company ‘in-house,’ where they will only work for their employer on projects, or be hired by an analyst or consulting firm. The length of the involvement of business analysts in projects will vary since they can only be present in the short-term, seeking solutions to a problem, or on a long-term basis, where they can help execute the solution. You can also look for various Business Analyst jobs in Gujarat.


  1. Is business analyst a good career in India?

For Business analysts in India, there is a great career opportunity. Sound domain knowledge and understanding of analytical tools and database management skills will contribute to a promising career in Business Analysis.

  • How do I get a job as a business analyst?
  • A bachelor’s degree or an MBA in a commercial or related field.
  • At least 5 years of experience in company research or a related field.
  • Exceptional ability in logical and critical reasoning.
  • The ability to influence and work closely with stakeholders to evaluate appropriate solutions.
  • What can you do as a business analyst?
  • Variance analysis.
  • Pricing.
  • Reporting.
  • Defining business requirements and reporting them back to stakeholders.
  • Creating a detailed business analysis, outlining problems, opportunities, and solutions for a business.
  • Budgeting and forecasting.
  • Planning and monitoring.

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