Business analyst fresher jobs in Bangalore

Know about the scope of Business analyst jobs

Companies use business analytics to extract knowledge from the terabytes of information and to automate and optimize business processes. Data has become one of the largest properties, and market analytics are deployed by businesses to forecast future performance, find patterns and relationships, and conduct statistical analysis. You can look for various Business Analyst jobs in Bangalore for Fresher 2020.

While BA and BI’s job positions are interchangeably used, there are some key differentiators. Data mining, statistical analysis, predictive modeling, and multivariate testing are the core functions of a BA. In India, business analytics has emerged as the preferred position of choice in the IT and ITES sectors. You can also get Entry level Business Analyst jobs in Bangalore.

Various Business Analyst jobs in Bangalore

  1. Business Analyst/Senior Business Analyst

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The responsibilities and duties required for this post are:

1. Gathering of specifications – Documentation & possible workflows & scenarios (Business Case Document to confirm our understanding of the business objective or business need)

2. Requirement analysis – build use case diagrams and operation diagrams

3. Identifying the market needs of the customer and planning practical specification documents (BRD & FRD)

4. GAP Research concerning current goods and/or related Applications. Data Analyst jobs in Bangalore for Fresher

5. Act on recognizing the functional specifications with the technical team

6. Salary offered is as per Industry Standards.

2.   Senior Business Analyst

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The requirement includes advanced knowledge and experience with Business Intelligence (BI), analysis, and reporting tools such as Microsoft Excel (advanced), SQL, PL SQL forms, Tableau, etc., as well as strong oral and written communication skills, as well as strong documentation skills to explain current metrics (processes) and suggest improvements to the data process flow. The Business Analyst Jobs in Bangalore salary is quite impressive.

Other requirements for this job role include the person must have the willingness and motivation to learn new skills and abilities. Know all current business practices, processes, as outlined Extensive computer experience and working knowledge, particularly in software for data extraction/reporting. You can also look for Business Analyst Internship in Bangalore. Salary package isRs 8.00 – 18.00 Lacs p.a.

3.   Operations Analyst, Senior Business Analyst

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The role includes B2B and Sales, Team Management, Region Sales Manager, Customer Relations, Product Analyst, Business Creation, Project Planning, Product Management, Luxury, Lead Generation, BTL, ATL, Jeweler, Diamonds, Jewelry, Brand Marketing, Market Analysis, Sales, Site Engineering. There are also many Business Analyst jobs in Manyata Tech Park that offers salary up to Rs 2.10 – 4.10 Lacs p.a.

4.   Senior Business Analyst

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For this job, the role person must have the below skills.

  • Substantial hands-on data management experience and the ability to handle huge data volumes.
  • Extract, cleanse, and understand data.
  • Capable of independently analyzing data and pulling out salient observations. Capable of describing one’s workflow.
  • Able to make a major contribution to brainstorming discussions around project complexities. You can also look for various Business Analyst job openings.
  • The person should be comfortable with statistical methods, such as simple allocations, regressions, and logistic models.
  • A plus is a familiarity with sophisticated statistics and algorithms for machine learning.

Final Thoughts

Although most engineers are gravitating towards the area of computer engineering and information technology, applicants with a business background may easily step into the role of a business analyst. By enrolling in analytics courses, engaging in mentoring sessions and boot camps to land their dream work, MBA holders will sharpen their skills. And while businesses do not require a deep understanding of instruments, a simple understanding of R and SAS will help to land the right work.

 Good business and analytical skills are some of the basic characteristics of a good BA.


  1. Is business analyst a good career in India?

There are a huge number of Business Analysts’ Job Opportunities in present time. Strong knowledge of the field and an understanding of analytical methods and exposure to database management will contribute to a successful business analytics analyst career. The average income of a senior business analyst is INR 859,025 per year.

  • Is a business analyst a good job?

Business analysts are undoubtedly well paid for their work and the pay for the Business Analyst can continue to increase with the job market demand outpacing the entry-level applicants.

  • How do I get a job as a business analyst?
  • A bachelor’s degree or an MBA in a commercial or related field.
  • At least 5 years of experience in company research or a related field.
  • Exceptional ability in logical and critical reasoning.
  • The capacity to influence and work closely with stakeholders to evaluate appropriate solutions.
  • How do you become an entry-level business analyst?

After earning a bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting, information technology, human resources, or another related area, you can apply for entry-level business analyst positions right out of college.

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