Best profitable businesses in India

Know about the most profitable business in India

Startups are proving to be a brilliant idea in a country like India, where there is so much unemployment. Although some individuals are very happy working for 9 to 5 jobs, or even for longer hours than that, some individuals want to set up their own company. People always assume that starting a business requires a lot of money, but that’s not true, you can still start your business with low investment online or offline. You can look for the best business opportunities in India and earn a lot of profits.

You should know that some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs began their business with very little investment. The best example is that of Facebook, which was started in a dorm room by Mark Zuckerberg and his college mates, but is now one of the world’s leading corporations. Look for the best opportunity to start in India and get your work done. Images have changed dynamically, and so have developments in the market.

Opportunities have widened their horizons to an unimaginative degree in today’s age. With each inch underneath, it’s like digging, more excitement emerges to get deep. It also applies to companies. Although there are thousands of ideas for business, only a few of them are the most successful. There are many future business ideas in 2020 in India that you can start with.

List of most profitable business in India

  1. Incense Stick Manufacturing

Also known as Agarbatti, the incense stick has a special purpose in our culture. It has been incinerated for decades in religious as well as social positions. As a fragrant fumigant, it is used in Indian homes and is known to possess insecticidal and antiseptic properties. It is a cottage form of conventional industry that is labor-intensive. This is one of the best business ideas in India. You can earn 60,000/month average profit from this business.

  • Insurance Agent

Nowadays, the field of precaution has not only confined itself to the medicinal component but has also implemented safety elements at all levels through insurance. The agency demonstrates consideration for you as well as immediate ones outside your own, from getting your life insurance to general insurance. You can earn 30-70% average profit from this business. This work requires low investment and hence you can earn a profit. This is one of the best future business in India in 2025.

  • Labor Contractor

Labor Contractor refers to a particular person who signs an agreement with you to provide some form of specified work. In today’s age, being one of the most important ingredients for any company is a prerequisite for every undertaking, be it a building project or production line or any other industry. This is a high-margin business in India that makes you earn a lot of money if you undertake big projects. The 5-6% is the net average profit margin of this business.

  • Cleaning Service Business

The scrap business has become one of today’s most continuous, thriving, and esteemed companies. With the slogan like Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan spreading enormously everywhere, the push for knowledge to preserve cleanliness has risen to another level.  You can earn 20,000-25,000/month or more average profit from this business.

These days, dumping zone areas such as resource re-cycling, re-using stuff to the best have also been given a major voice. So, just like Dirt Devils, a Rags tag team, you can start with the Cleaning Service Company to add some brownie points to the social responsibility side. This adds value to your company profile and the community.  This is the most profitable manufacturing business to start.

  • Travel Agency to make travel arrangements

The only thing that people are going to look forward to today is food & travel. The travel plan strives to be one of the most attractive and rapidly rising businesses in recent times. If you are a travel freak or love to explore locations, you’ll enjoy settling down with this business proposal for travel arrangements. This business idea ranks among the top 10 most successful businesses to start. You can earn 50,000/month average profit from this business.

Final Thoughts

Coming up with Upcoming business ideas in India that are fresh and creative is becoming increasingly difficult for many aspiring entrepreneurs today, due to the enormous number of companies that already exist in every sector. You may be wondering what the best company in India is? Believe it or not, several small companies might seem prevalent but are nevertheless highly profitable. So look and research about the most profitable business in the world and get a chance to become a billionaire.


  1. Which business is profitable in India?
  2. Insurance Agent
  3. Real Estate Agency
  4. Labor Contractor

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