Best business magazines in India

Know about the best business magazines in India

An endless source of business perspectives, news, trends, and tips are at your fingertips on the internet, but how do you know which ones are worth reading? Think for yourself, is it the right time for our smartphones to turn our information mode from those long written magazines and newspapers to fast and precise knowledge? You can get Business magazines in India with a price very low and get information but business and how you can earn a lot of profit from that.

 To make it easier for you, here are the Top Business Magazines in India, which every entrepreneur or business enthusiast must. This will help you to remain on top. To offer the original details to the reader, the updates that these business magazines in India carry are examined. You can also read Business India and India Todaymagazines for detailed information. The top and most-read business magazines are included in our list of Business Magazines in India for 2021 and are certainly reputable business magazines.

Best business magazines in India

  1. Business Today

Business Today magazine is one of India’s most beloved business journals, followed by business magnates and small start-ups. It is one of the Top magazines in India. The magazine is published by Living Media India Ltd. that ensures that its readers get all the updates required to be well prepared for the future. Business Today Company is well known for its honest and objective reviews of goods on the market. This magazine is a must-have for consumers looking to buy items that have recently been launched.

2.  Forbes India

Forbes India is an Indian version of Forbes, an American business journal run by Network 18, a media conglomerate operated by Reliance Industries. It is not only one of the best business magazines in India, but also one of the most admired magazines in the world. It is well recognized for its comprehensive coverage of the principles of industry, start-ups, and entrepreneurship from all over the world. The Forbes India magazine is one of the top-ranking magazines in India.

3.   BW Business World

The most consumer-oriented magazine in India is BW Business World. The ABP party, whose most influential publications are The Telegraph, Anandbazar Patrika, and more, publishes the magazine, publishes this magazine. These magazines are very well known for their minute business-related information. You can also get these business magazines in India pdf form.

4.   Entrepreneur India

The owners and entrepreneurial enthusiasts in India love Entrepreneur India the most. It is a joint venture between Entrepreneur Media, the business magazine for entrepreneurs in the USA, and Franchise India, an integrated franchise solutions company in India. It is well known for its informative stories about industry and entrepreneurship.

5.  Inc India

Inc India is an Indian edition of the well-known American magazine Inc. It has been released by 9.9 Media. The magazine is well known for its in-depth business and development knowledge. Also, through its solutions, the magazine is considered to have changed the lives of mid-sized enterprises. You can get free online business magazines in India.

6.  The Economist

The Economist is an international newspaper printed in the style of a magazine. The journal, published by the Economist Group, is considered to be a credible source for world business and current affairs research. The magazine is well known for its in-depth coverage on a range of subjects and intelligence on economics. You can also look for free business magazines in India.

7.   Fortune India

Fortune is one of the most respected and trustworthy magazines worldwide. It has its collaboration between ABP Publishing Group and Time Inc. and the magazines are considered to be the ultimate corporate performance hallmark. The magazine is well known for its “Fortune 500” list that features the best 500 corporations from all over the world.

8.   Images Retail

Images Retail covers comprehensive details on India’s retail market. Due to its details on the Indian market, the magazine published by the Images Group is most read by business leaders and brand owners. The magazine is well-known for its ability to examine the business field.

9.   Banking Frontiers

The banking frontiers magazine for the citizens of the financial sector is considered to be the most resourceful and helpful released by the Glocal Infomart Pvt. Ltd. The journal covers several subjects, from technology to finance. The magazine is well-known for its in-depth coverage of the financial sector, including corporate banking, risk management, prevention of fraud, sales to third parties, etc.

10.                     ISBInsight

For the Indian School of Business, ISBInsight is a research journal and consists of papers focused on research into management. The journal, published by the Indian School of Business, contains deep market analysis focused on management. ISBInsight is well regarded for its published interviews with the industry’s opinion leaders and decision-makers.

Final Thoughts

From those short paragraphs in business magazines are getting enough information or is it just that our instant gratification causes us to turn our means of knowledge. If the response is no, then why not go back to those magazines full of information?

These business magazines are full of information in that you can click-bait titles that make us move on from one post to another and save our time eventually. So, whether you’re new to the world of magazines looking to turn from your smartphones to magazines.


1. What type of magazines is famous in India?

Below is the list of different type of magazines:

  1. AARP Magazine
  2. Costco Connection.
  3. Better Homes and Gardens.
  4. Game Informer Magazine.
  5. Good Housekeeping.
  6. AARP Bulletin.

2. What are the best business publications?

The list of best business publications is mentioned below.

  • Best for Professionals
  • Best for Lists
  • Best for Business Technology
  • Best for Startups
  • Best for Investors
  • Best Economics Reporting
  • Best for Personal Finance
  • Best for Business News

3. Which is the largest selling weekly magazine in India?

India Today is India’s most-read magazine that contributes to adding 11.6 lakh readers in the last year, according to the latest Indian Readership Survey (IRS).

4. What magazines do entrepreneurs read?

Best for Brand-New Businesses is the most magazines that entrepreneurs read.

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