Apple car is coming and I hear they do an iPhone on Tesla. -Elon Musk Watch out, Apple Car may have a problem!

A new Apple car may shake up the electric vehicle sector just as much, if not more than iPhone did for mobile technology. This would be bad news for Elon Musk’s Tesla-led company since it is already struggling with its production schedule and Model 3 sales have been slow since before preorders even started taking place last year.

Apple is venturing into the electric vehicle market, and they might just shake up an industry that’s been stagnant for years.

Icy competition from Elon Musk-led Tesla! The iPhone revolutionized mobile communications back in 2007—so sayeth Morgan Stanley with their $10 trillion global mobility analysis – if Apple enters this space as well it’ll be bad news not only on Consumers who want better options but also automobile manufacturers such as Ford Motor Company or even Tesla Inc.; both of which rely heavily upon sales within automotive segments.

Apple shares rose nearly 3% to a fresh all-time high on Thursday, wresting back the crown as the world’s most valuable listed company from Microsoft Corp. The stock extended gains by Friday morning and is currently trading at $109 per share after jumping 0.7%. Even if we were to take just 4% of their total global mobility market revenue base with this increase alone Morgan Stanley sees its income doubling due largely in part to how well they will do selling new products like smartphones or tablets that can be used for everyday tasks instead of simply being used primarily while traveling around town

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Imagine the possibilities of an era where cars drive themselves and people use their smartphones to do other things.

Apple’s entry into any industry has regularly proved to be a catalyst in scaling up new technologies. Be it smartphones, tablets or smartwatches the company’s product launches almost always lead to an expansion and significant share of the relevant market which they take over time.

The holiday shopping season is about to start. Recent gains in Apple and Amazon shares suggest investors are more optimistic that these companies can overcome supply chain snags, which could be critical for their success this time of year when consumers buy gifts online instead of at stores near them or even compete against other popular Black Friday deals happening on Cyber Monday (or “Cyberentrantmas”).

Apple is on track for its best week since April while Amazon, which has fared even worse this year gains about 6% in the last few days. The e-commerce giant may have finally found some footing after months-long slumps with a 6thstraight record closing high!

It’s not just Apple and Amazon who are watching their supplies of products closely this season. Investors will be monitoring both these companies as well as other retailers for clues about what types of items may sell best during the upcoming holiday shopping period, which kicked off last week with Black Friday promotions beginning on November 26th

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“If you’re Apple, the last thing on your mind is sustaining a shortage in November and December. But with these unprecedented weather conditions we’ve seen so far this season — which may be just an indicator for what’s coming down the pipeline–people have learned about how much risk there is to their supply chain.”

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