Adorable meaning in Hindi | Adorable हिंदी में मतलब?

In Hindi, the word “adorable” is used to describe a person.

A person whose behavior and appearance are very cute and lovable. The word adorable has a lot of positive vibes attached to it. It means that the person has something about him which makes one go aww! There are many people who can be called adorable, but the top 5 are kids, animals, good-looking people, cartoon characters, and one’s lover.

अदुराई – Adorable

Synonyms : बहुत सुंदर , बहुत शानदार , बेहतर

Antonyms : मजे से , ग़ैर

Usage : He is an adorable person.

She looks really adorable in this dress.

These kids are just adorable.

Your dog is just adorable!

He came home from work looking all tired, but seeing me he lit up and gave me a big smile which made me see red hearts around his head – he was so adorable!

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